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The New York Palace a stunning location for celebrating one of the most important days of your life. Boasting 22,000 square feet of sophisticated space from the scenic courtyard to the grand ballroom, this landmark hotel is known for breathtaking views, elegant accommodations and unrivaled service.

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Brett Matthews

Midtown Manhattan Wedding from Trent Bailey Photography

New York City weddings.  Four words that conjure up images of bow-tied grooms, breathtaking cathedrals and ballroom receptions chock-full of glamour.  Yep... when I think classic, stop-you-in-your-tracks weddings, I think NYC.  Which is why my heart beat just a little bit faster (okay, a lot faster) when I first laid eyes on this beautiful day from the ever-amazing Trent Bailey Photography.  The true definition of a traditional...


NYC Wedding at the Harold Pratt House from Judy Pak Photography

You know it's going to be a good morning when it starts off with the work of Judy Pak. We love her over here at SMP, and for good reason. She constantly brings us the most gorgeous features with images that are timeless treasures - and she's done it again with this classically stunning soiree. It doesn't hurt that the Bride is decked out in the most gorgeous...


Bridgewaters Wedding by Judy Pak Photography

Timeless, classic, elegant, perfect - this New York City wedding by the seriously talented Judy Pak is like a fairytale. From the bride's gorgeous Grace Kelly inspired gown to her top hat-wearing groom to being whisk away in a convertible Royles Royce to every classically elegant detail - it's easy to see why my wedding-loving self can't get enough of this gorgeous gala. Lucky for you and me, ...